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A mother’s journey into the world of eyelash extensions

Until a month ago I had very little knowledge of the world of eyelash extensions. But now, I consider myself pretty informed about the pros and cons of eyelash extensions premade fans, individual eyelash extensions, cluster lashes and the joys of fast drying lash extension glue.

This is because I have recently gone through the stress-heavy experience of my teenage daughter’s Year 12 Formal.

Along with the choosing a dress (full-length, satiny teal), finding matching shoes that she could stand in long enough to have photos taken (silver – matching her bag and manicure) and vital decisions to make about hair – up or down (we ended up going with a messy up do, in case you’re interested), there was the dilemma of make up. And eyelashes.

Now my daughter, luckily, has fairly good natural lashes, so I hadn’t given much though to adding to them.

Apart from this, I had heard that eyelash extensions can drop out at different rates and look patchy if you don’t maintain them. Also, I was concerned that glueing lash extensions to her perfectly fine natural lashes might damage them. Finally, the expenses of the High School Formal were really starting to add up and a full set of eyelash extensions seemed like an unnecessary extravagance.

All of these factors meant that I wasn’t keen making an appointment with an eyelash technician. My daughter, of course, was very keen.

Thankfully, the make-up artist that we had booked in with knew exactly what we needed. Eyelash extensions premade fans.

What are Eyelash Extensions Premade Fans?

Also known as cluster lashes, eyelash extensions premade fans are, as the name suggests, individual lash extensions, joined together to form fans. The idea is that you can thicken up your existing eyelashes with additional volume lashes. Unlike with individual eyelash extensions, these can be applied really quickly and easily.

In fact, DIY kits are sold all over the Internet with many people adding a few extra eyelashes to complete their look themselves before a big night out. See here for information and prices on eyelash extensions premade fans kits.

Cluster lashes come in a variety of styles and thicknesses. 3D volume fans contain a cluster of 3 lash extensions, whilst 4D promade fans are 4 lashes thick, and so on. Up to 6D appears to be the most common sets of lash clusters, though you can also find 8D and up to 10D if you so wish. Beyond that, you may as well go for a full strip of false eyelashes – magnetic lashes, or otherwise.

Once you’ve decided on the number of lashes you want, there are a number of further decisions to make:

  • How long do you want your premade eyelash extension fans to be? – 8mm? 9mm? 14 mm? The choice is yours.
  • What thickness you do want the individual lashes to be? – 0.05 seems to be the most common option.
  • How much of a curl do you like in your lash extension? – a ‘C’ curl is generally slightly more curved than a regular lash and the most popular choice. A ‘CC’ curl takes that curl a little stronger. A ‘D’ curl is the most pronounced, giving the eye that classic doll-like appearance, if that’s your thing.
  • What do you prefer your eyelash extensions premade fans to be made from? – Silk? Mink? Or Synthetic?

A variety of false eyelashes, including eyelash extensions premade fans

Eyelash Extensions Premade Fans – the Best of Both Worlds

Premade eyelash extension fans are a great option if you want to enhance your lashes, but don’t want to spend hours in a lash technician’s chair. They are also a budget friendly choice.

My daughter ended up having a handful of 3-strong cluster lashes added to her natural growth where her own lashes were slightly thinner. The result was natural-looking, healthy lashes – which is what she wanted. The application of the premade lash extension fans took minutes and, having been shown how to apply them properly, she’s since used them to enhance her own lases herself.

Oh yes. An added bonus is that they can be reused if you are careful where you put them when you take them off. And fans of eyelash extensions are sooo much easier to keep track of than individual lashes!

For some tips on How to Remove Eyelash Extensions at Home, see here.

If you decide to follow the DIY lash extension kit route, we recommend getting yourself a premade eyelash extensions fans mixed tray. This gives you a range of lash extensions to play with, as mixed trays include lashes of varying lengths and curl.

And our personal favourite? Who could resist the glamour of bright green or purple eyelash extensions? OK. Maybe not for work. But for a fancy-dress party or a night out clubbing, they’d be so much fun!

And my daughter? She was delighted with her eyelash extensions premade fans – and everything else – at her ‘Formal.

This article is a guest post from Jasmine Leandre, a Melbourne mother of two. If you would like to submit an article or share your thoughts, please reach out or leave a comment below.


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