How Long Does An Eyelash Tint Last?

how long eyelash tint last

Every woman’s dream is to have thick, luscious eyelashes that highlight her face. Due to many factors, genes included, this look is not always easy to achieve. 

Innovation in the beauty industry first led to the use of mascara and later, eyelash extensions. These days though, getting an eyelash tint is the secret to achieving lashes to die for. 

In the last few years, lash tints have gained popularity — especially on social media. Beauty gurus and ordinary women alike are sporting the trendy cosmetic trick that makes for a bold and beautiful lash.

The big question is, how long does an eyelash tint last? Much longer than mascara. Lash tinting lasts for about a month, plus or minus a week. Getting an eyelash tint is easier than having to whip out your mascara wand every time you want to do your makeup.

If you want your eyelash tint to last the entire four week period, you need to stick to the aftercare routine. The routine spans 24 hours after the treatment. Some helpful tips include: 

  • Avoid getting your eyelashes wet
  • Don’t apply any eye makeup
  • Steer clear of facials and steam treatments
  • Put a pause on using any oil-based skincare products
  • Take out contact lenses to avoid irritation
  • Try not to touch the lashes (pretty as they are)
  • Sacrifice a day of your swimming pool workout
  • Say goodbye to Mr Sun by avoiding direct UV light

Following these directions will ensure you make the most out of your eyelash tint. You can have dark, voluminous eyelashes – just like Mila Kunis! 

Lash tinting is also great value for your money. It costs from as low as $40 to about $80 to get this treatment – depending on where you get your eyelashes tinted.

Where Do You Get a Lash Tint Done?

Eyelash tinting may seem like a simple treatment that you can do at home – but it isn’t.

You should get your tint done by a licensed practitioner at a beauty parlour. This is due to the sensitivity of the treatment. 

how long does eyelash tint last
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Considering the proximity to the eye area, one small misstep can lead to irritation, injury and in extreme cases, blindness. So, rethink the DIY tutorials and book an appointment with a studio near you — get it done by a professional. 

How Do Eyelash Tints Work?

The eyelash tinting process works by darkening your eyelashes. This creates an illusion of longer and more defined lashes. Opting for an eyelash tint will make the eyelashes more visible and dramatic.

Many people get both a lash tint and an eyelash lift. The lift helps with curling to achieve longer looking lashes. Each of these works together to bring the best out of your lashes. A perfect tag team, right?

What Is Used to Tint Eyelashes?

Beauticians use dyes to darken your eyelashes. These dyes are coal-based, food colouring dyes or even black henna.

According to a consumer update by the FDA, no colour additives are safe for tinting lashes yet. However, there is a safe dye used by beauticians who have training in tinting lashes. 

How Long Does a Session of Lash Tinting Take?

Getting a lash tint is a very simple affair. All it takes is popping into the studio and getting the 10-20 minute treatment done. It may be a wee bit uncomfortable, but it ends in no time. You have very few eyelash hairs so it doesn’t take long to dye them.

eyelash tint
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Think about getting your hair dyed and then think about how small your eyelashes are in comparison to your whole head of hair. That’s why it takes only about 10 minutes for this quick but effective beauty fix.

Is It Safe to Do Lash Tints? 

For the most part, yes. According to a medical report, some people experience allergic reactions to eyelash tints despite the increasing popularity in ocular cosmetic treatments.

Many people are still able to tint their lashes and not suffer from any adverse effects. As written above, it is best to have the lash tint done by a licensed professional. This reduces the risk of any damage or irritation to the eyes.

To find out whether you are allergic or not, it would be helpful to do a patch test on your skin. This is best done between 24 and 48 hours before the eyelash tint. 

That way, you’ll already know how you react to the dye. If there’s any sort of allergic reaction, the beautician can change to different dye and use something suited to the sensitive skin around your eyes.

Can I Use Mascara With A Lash Tint?

how long does eyelash tint last
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You can use mascara with a lash tint, but you won’t need to. This beauty treatment eliminates the need for eyelash extensions and mascara. 

For that extra magic, apply some mascara to accentuate your eyelashes post tinting (but after the first 24 hours). 

Pros and Cons of Eyelash Tinting

There is the good and the bad side of everything and eyelash tinting is no exception. Below are a few pros and cons of lash tinting.

The desired effect will last for a month or soDye can cause allergies around the eye area for some people
Takes a short time (10 minutes)Can be hard to find a licensed beautician
Low maintenance after treatmentMore effective for people with fair lashes

Is Lash Tinting Worth It? 

Yes, it is every bit worth it. It’s just as good as eyelash extensions and mascara application, with half the hassle. However, it’s important to go in knowing what to expect.

If you have fair lashes, the tint will be more noticeable compared to someone who has darker lashes. Keep this in mind so you don’t wind up feeling underwhelmed. Still, most users are pleased with the results and make it a staple beauty treatment. 

Ready to Get Your Tint Done? 

how long does eyelash tint last
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You can achieve those lovely doe eyes you’ve always wanted in a matter of minutes. All thanks to lash tinting. 

If tinting doesn’t tickle your fancy, you can always opt for other treatments like lash lifting and eyelash extensions. Keep tabs on this page for the low down on all things lashes. 

Featured image: by Allef Vinicius

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