How To Remove Eyelash Extensions At Home


It’s a sad day when you realise it’s time to take off your eyelash extensions.
You hate to admit it, but those pretty lashes that have been framing your eyes for well over a month are now looking a bit worse for wear.

Instead of giving you that “luscious-perfectly-natural-lash” look, they’re now starting to give the game away.

adorable panda

For now, they’ll have to live on in your memory (thank goodness for the endless selfies of you modelling them).

And, as if you’re not already dismayed enough, the thought of going to the salon to have them butchered is not open for consideration.

You refuse to pay for such a crime.

If only you knew how to take them off at home…

Is It Safe To Remove Eyelash Extensions At Home?

There’s no doubt that your best bet is having your eyelashes removed by a professional.

But, if it is not possible to book an appointment, then you may consider a home remedy. If you know what you’re doing, eyelash extensions can be removed at home safely.

However, you should be prepared in case of any adverse side effects.

Healthline suggests a few things you can do if you experience mild irritation: 

  • Apply a cotton pad to the eye
  • Try topical hydrocortisone cream
  • Use allergy eye drops
  • Take an oral antihistamine

Any symptoms that last longer than 24 to 48 hours, though, should be evaluated.

They say: “If your symptoms are severe, such as extreme swelling, pain, or itching on either your eyelid or eye, see your doctor.”

Remember, your goal is not only to take off the eyelash extensions but to protect your natural lashes too.

How Can I Remove Eyelashes At Home?

When you begin to search for the simplest way to take off eyelash extensions at home, it can be easy to get caught down a rabbit hole of videos online.

The truth is, there is no one-size-fits-all method.

Here, we have put together an in-depth guide using some of the most popular methods so that you can decide on the best.

Before you get started, use some makeup remover to be sure your face is clean. 

Removing Lash Extensions With Coconut Oil

This is a super effective method for removing eyelash extensions. Coconut oil is very safe, as is olive oil (which can be used as an alternative).

1. Take cotton wool and place it underneath your eye. This way, you can protect the sensitive skin there.

eye makeup

2. Soak a cotton ball in the coconut oil, then take it and begin to massage onto the lashes with a swiping motion. Do this several times until your lashes are drenched.

swiping across remove eyelash

3. Wait for 10 minutes. This is the time where the glue bond should begin to break down.

4. Now that your eyelashes are well soaked with oil, take a mascara wand and begin to work from the lash line to the end of the lashes in a downward motion. Then, do the same but from underneath your lash line to the tips.

eyelash extensions how to remove

5. Grab a cotton pad and apply a generous amount of oil to it. Gently apply the pad to your lashes and drag downwards. Your extensions should begin to come away.

eyelash extension how to remove

6. You will find that not all the lashes come away at once — this is because the oil is a very mild treatment. Repeat steps 4 and 5 again, as many times as it takes. Be gentle: it is not a race and the lashes will come away. 

how remove eyelash extensions

7. Take another cotton pad and add plenty of oil to it. This time, you should find the lashes come away easier. Do not pull at your lashes — a gentle rub is okay, but nothing more than that. Be patient and repeat steps 5–7 to take off your lashes completely.

how to remove eyelash extensions at home

8. Once your lashes have all come away, it’s important that you get rid of excess oil. Do this with a clean cotton pad. Then, apply your favourite under eye ointment or cream, as this will condition the fragile skin under your eyes.

applying ointment or cream to remove eyelash extension

An added benefit of using any oil-based product is that it conditions your natural lashes at the same time as removing the extensions. 

Following this method means that, even though you may be sad to say goodbye to killer lashes (for now), at least your natural ones will look healthy. 

How To Remove Extensions With Serum

There are heaps of products available that promise to remove your extensions, and you can buy them from most stores with a beauty section.

Most of the removal products include some type of oil in the ingredients list — this will help loosen the glue components from your natural lash. There are also some oil-free alternatives if you’d prefer. 

1. Get your gear together: your chosen glue remover, a small makeup brush, and a couple of cotton pads.

eyelash remover tools

2. Spread the recommended amount of remover onto the brush, then gently apply to the lash extensions around 1mm from the lash line.

how to use eyelash glue remover

3. Continue applying the glue remover to the lash extensions, from where the extensions meet your natural lashes right to the tip.

applying eyelash glue remover

4. Wait for around 5 minutes (or the time stated in the instructions).

5. Now place the eyelashes in between your fingers, and gently slide in a downward motion. The lash extensions should start to come away. Continue until you’re left with just your natural lashes.

how to remove eyelash extension
how to remove eyelash extension

Warning: if the glue remover gets into your eye, be sure to rinse thoroughly with cold water.

Can Vaseline Remove Extensions?

Vaseline is an oil-based product, which means it can make a pretty decent remover of eyelash extensions.

However, it isn’t quite as potent as buying a product specifically made for eyelash removal.

One way to prep your lashes before applying Vaseline: a steam bowl.

makeup remover

This process can also be done before any of the lash removal methods available.

The steam is useful because it helps loosen up the strong lash glue. A few drops of essential oil into the hot water can also make for a rather relaxing experience. 

Learn More

For more ideas on how to take off extensions, How to Remove Eyelash Extensions has everything you need to know.

And to make for easy reference once you embark on your lash removal, be sure to bookmark this page.

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