What Is an Eyelash Tint?

An eyelash tint is a semi-permanent procedure in the cosmetic industry that changes your eyelash colour — mimicking the effects of mascara.

Which means you can ditch the mascara and own that five-minute makeup routine.

Admittedly, lash tinting might sound scary. But this industry is safe and fast-growing, and 89% of women are willing to try it. 

In fact, the eyelash extension industry is now surpassing the eyebrow industry and on track to be worth $1.5 billion dollars in the next five years.

With that said, many customers have left the salon feeling beautiful and content with their results. 

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How Long Does the Eyelash Tinting Process Take?

The best part about this process? It only takes 10–15 minutes. 

And, despite this, the colour results stay around for several weeks.

Let’s Talk About Your Consultation

At the beginning of your consultation, your artist will take a quick look at your eyelashes and ask what colour tint you’d like. 

Then, the artist will mix up the dye and let it sit for a few minutes. This is called “oxidation” — the process of developing the colour.

Nowadays, your artist might ask if you’d like another beauty treatment performed alongside your tint. For example, eyelash and eyebrow tints are a common duo.

Deciding What Color of Tinting Dye Looks Best on You

Ultimately, your lash tinting options will vary depending on the salon, but the basic choices will be black-brown, brown, blue-black, or pure black.

Tip: Pure black, black-brown, and blue-black tints tend to look best on brunettes. Black-brown and brown tend to look more natural on redheads and blondes.

Typically, eyelash tinting will have the biggest impact on light-coloured lashes — such as red and blonde — as it completely changes the colour of the lash line. 

But if you’re a naturally dark-lashed gal, eyelash tinting can still give you a longer and fuller look, because even your lashes get lighter toward the tip.

Once you have chosen a tint colour, your artist will mix it up and let it oxidize. Most often, the oxidizing agent is hydrogen peroxide-based.   The Protective Measures That Keep Eyelash Tinting Safe

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Be sure to remove your contact lenses and any mascara before your lash tint appointment, and — as a precaution — ask for a patch test if you have a history of sensitive skin. 

To briefly explain what this is, a patch test is the application of a minimal amount of tinting dye on your bare skin. It shows whether eyelash tints will cause irritation for you or not.

It is important to note that eyelash tinting dye is made with cream-based or vegetable-based dyes, and made without color additives. 

However, these precautions minimize your chances of a side effect such as eye irritation or eye infection. 

Gel Pads Keep Lash Tinting Safe

While your tint is oxidizing, you will lie or sit down and your lash artist will apply a protective gel pad around the eyes. This keeps the dye from coming into contact with your under-eye skin.

Once your protective gel pads are applied and secured, your lash artist will apply the tint. 

A Five-Minute Lash Tinting Process 

Your artist will focus on covering the entire surface area of your eyelashes, and ensure that each lash is coated with dye for optimum results.

Once the dye has been applied, you will continue to sit with the dye for several more minutes, or until your artist is pleased with the results. 

While waiting on the eyelash tinting process, this would be the time slot for your second treatment to take place — such as brow tinting.

How Does the Artist Remove the Dye?

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Now that you’ve gotten your lashes tinted, your artist will clean the dye off. Different artists use different tools to achieve this, but, usually, artists use Q-tips, lip-gloss wands, or cotton balls. 

Don’t Squint Your Eyes

While your lash tinting artist is cleaning the dye off, it is important to avoid squinting, as this will inadvertently push the dye into your eyes. 

If it so happens that lash tinting dyes do get into your eye — or if you feel any discomfort at all — tell your artist immediately

Certified lash tinting artists always have a saline solution on hand, and have been trained to immediately rinse any dyes from your eyes.

Once your eye has been rinsed out and fanned dry, there’s no further need to be alarmed.

Your Lash Tint Can Last up to Six Weeks

Although the lash tinting dye is permanent and won’t fade, tinted lashes will naturally fall out and be replaced with your natural ones. 

As a result, you will notice that your lashes are getting lighter in colour.

What to Do and What Not to Do

  • Avoid using oil-based cleansers and makeup removers, as they can remove the tint quicker 
  • Keep your eye area dry for 24-hours after your treatment
  • Avoid washing your lashes and running them underwater 
  • Avoid applying a lash serum or tinting treatment for 24-hours
  • To remove under-eye makeup around the eyelids, such as concealer or eyeshadow, use a Q-tip or face wipes without touching your lash line

What if You Have Naturally Dark Lashes?

If you are blessed with a naturally dark lash line, you will only see a subtle lengthening and darkening effect.

The good news is that if you’re desiring a more noticeable difference in your lashes, you have some other options — such as extensions, or a lash lift and tint combo.

Eyelash Extensions Might Be Just What You’re Looking for

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Lash extensions provide a dramatic difference in your eyelash appearance. They create fuller, longer, and more voluminous eyelashes.

Flexible yet durable synthetic lashes are applied directly to your natural lash line, and so a wide variety of lash styles can be created. 

That said, the process is longer than a lash tint and can last anywhere from 2–4 hours. 

If you desire noticeably thicker and longer eyelashes, eyelash extensions might be just what your beauty routine needs. 

We encourage you to check out credible beauty content and learn more about lash extensions before making an appointment. 

Eyelash Lift and Tint for a More Natural Look

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We already know what an eyelash tint is, but what is an eyelash lift?

An eyelash lift creates a permanent curl on your lashes, which means you don’t have to touch an eyelash curler or mascara to achieve that “woke-up-looking-like-this” look.

Because eyelash lifts and tints complement each other, they are usually done together. 

This combination creates a more natural and low maintenance lash experience for you. Plus, it can last up to eight weeks and is the longest-lasting eyelash beauty procedure.

Check out credible website content, and discover if an eyelash lift and tint is the combo for your eyes.

Get Instantly Longer and Fuller Lashes

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You can have longer and fuller lashes today — without paying the big bucks at a beauty salon. And it doesn’t matter what colour your lash line is.

Simply put, all you need is a high-quality eyelash curler and a little mascara.

Unfortunately, not all eyelash curlers are made equal. In other words, the perfect eyelash curler will change your lash life.

Featured image: Unsplash.com by Nick Arnot

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